The purpose of this site

This brainchild was born out of need to share my experiences, thoughts, questions and ideas with anyone who will listen. Well… that, and I just enjoy blogging.

And building websites. 😀

Most specifically though, I wanted a place where I could maintain a journal of ideas and insights while navigating through my life as an aspiring web entrepreneur. I may not be the most successful, or the savviest of web guys, but I feel my musings may be of interest to some. In addition, I hope to attract like-minded individuals who can hopefully help to build a sense of community within my little corner of the web.

My goal is to help some of you out there, get to know many of you, and to hopefully learn from most of you. I just love the “if you build it, they will come” satisfaction which blogging provides. Things may be quiet now, but it’s nice to know that within a few months I’ll have yet another exciting reason to get out of bed in the morning… blog comments!

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