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A Return to Windows

This past spring I embarked on a mission to build a gaming PC for the very first time. The result: it was surprisingly cost-effective and relatively painless – especially for this greenhorn. But wait a minute…after having spent the past eight years as a die-hard OS X fan, this then begs the question… Having Been …

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Das Keyboard 4 Illustration

Das Keyboard 4: A Review

In my previous post on mechanical keyboards, I sang the praises of the Filco Majestouch 2, and listed some reasons why I chose that keyboard above all others. I’ve been using the Majestouch 2 happily for 3 years now; however…while putting that post together I discovered a newer keyboard from Das which grabbed my attention. Das …

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Das Keyboard 4 Arrives

I couldn’t resist!

I mentioned in my mechanical keyboard follow up post (where I showcased my Filco) that I’d been quite taken by the Das Keyboard 4. Well… Stay tuned and I’ll have a review of it once I get it hooked up! 😀

Blogger Girl Drinking Coffee and ...blogging

11 Tips for growing your blog audience and increasing search traffic

Or…simply put…how to make your blog kick more ass. 1. Write great content and be yourself First and foremost, and quite simply, you want to write great content. Write for people, not for search engines. Try to be informal, yet professional. Writing doesn’t have to be 100% grammatically correct, but it should be free from …

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