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  1. was suppose to be a fun, imaginative and full of inventions website for all that dream of wanting to be creative and mindful. Something different, no blogs really just maybe a story and an invention box for ideas everyone can lean on. Different ways to have fun and maybe some short creative writing.
    weareofthesamecolor was going to be about our nature of things, our experiences, the cognitives we surplus and for all knowing we want peace, harmony and balance and the positives for when we shed some light that softens us we approach in a more accomplishing way, in ways in which we can reached, saved, even cured. I was circling around mental health from ADHD-multiple sclerosis, your common illnesses & disease , to victims of circumstance like rape, my favorite narcissist, and the disable. The truth of how crying is addiction and can cause problems, the circumstance of emotion! To make these all incredible and fun how we all can relate to most of these in life and the one truest thing that can actually cure any of these underlining effects is Laughter and its soul rightfulness to seek out in situations that even seem impossible. Making a meeting place for all the happy souls united. Then finally its communion pages of ways, thoughtfulness seems kinder to all , then there comes laughter. A sure sight that can promise to make anyone Laugh their ailments away! Assured gift of a lifetime.

    PS Crying to laughing in minutes tells me everyone needs a roller coaster of care…
    Thanks again for taking the time to read this. Hope you reply back soon..

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