So it begins...

So it begins

After a few months of thinking about launching a personal blog for myself, I’ve finally made it happen. 🙂

So, what was it that took me so long to decide..?

Well… probably the biggest holdup was my inability to settle upon a domain name for the site. I own several dozen domain names, and typically come up with another good one (or at least one that I think is good) every few months, but trying to pick one to represent me… well that’s a whole ‘nother story. Oh sure… I came up with several good choices, but none of those were available.

My primary idea for the site was to provide a place for me to talk about my career as a freelance web developer and burgeoning internet entrepreneur. However, I also later decided that I’d like to have a little freedom to also discuss other interests, along with whatever the hell is tickling my fancy on any given day. So… rather than pigeon-hole myself with a techie web-related URL, I went with a derivative of the tried and true personal name.

Being that some of my close friends still struggle to spell my name, I had to go with something a little simpler…

Craig Junghandel dot com.

So there ya have it… my initial ramblings on the site. Anyway… There’s lots more coming up, and it’ll only get better… I promise. 😉

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