StudioPress All-Themes Package Price Increase

Nitrous Theme - High Energy Theme for WordPressBrian Gardner has announced that the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package will be seeing a price increase starting Monday, January 31st. From now through this Monday, the StudioPress Pro Pack will be offered at its current price of $299.95, but come this Tuesday…the price goes to $349.95. At $349.95 the All Themes Package is still a really sweet deal, but if you’ve been thinking of going all in on the StudioPress Genesis framework and suite of Child Themes, then now’s the time.

I purchased the StudioPress All Themes Package about a year ago and am certainly glad I did. My only regret is that I hadn’t opted in for it sooner. I had thought about grabbing it during their insane Black Friday promotion in 2010 – when they were offering a pretty healthy savings (not entirely sure, but I think it may have been around $149.95). That was announced as the last ever discount they were going to offer on this package, but I’d thought for sure they were fibbing.

A few months later I emailed StudioPress to see what sort of promotion they were running on the All Themes Package and it turned out they weren’t kidding…the Black Friday sale was their last ever. I ended up biting the bullet and plunking down $249.95 for the All Themes Package and I’m glad I did.

A year ago, I’d had a customer with a limited budget, needing three site rebuilds with a two week turnaround. Because the Child Themes are already so clean and user-friendly right out the box, I was able to deliver 3 websites within about ten day’s time without having to spend a bunch of time fussing over the layout and design. This enabled me to meet their budget and deadline, not to mention they were very happy with the end results.

If you’re a WordPress developer who is looking to build out several sites for either yourself or for various clients, I highly recommend the StudioPress Pro pack All themes Package. The themes are very well coded, highly optimized for search engines, have loads of customization options, and best of all…they work and look great!

Save 10% on the StudioPress Pro Pack All Themes Package

Genesis Framework for WordPressFor a limited time, StudioPress is going to reverse their decision to discontinue discounting on their Pro Plus All-Theme Package by offering a 10% discount promotion up until the price increases on January 31st. From now through Monday, January 30th, you can buy the All Themes Package at a 10% discount. Use the promo code: TEN at checkout and you can get the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package for $269.95, which is $30 off of normal price and $80 less than what it’s going to be in a week.

The StudioPress 10% discount promo code TEN is only valid through Monday, January 30th.

Get on it!

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