Discount AppSumo Credits!

I’m not sure of the time-frame, nor do I know how exclusive this deal is, but I just noticed that AppSumo is offering $25 Gift Cards for $12.50 right now. You have to make a qualifying purchase first, but once you’ve completed the sale you can purchase $25 AppSumo Gift Cards (in max quantities of 3) for only $12.50 each.

The discount price on the GC is good within one hour of your purchase, but who knows how long they will offer this promotion.

Since I’m addicted to AppSumo’s deals, I ended up buying half a dozen of the $25 Gift Cards. I’ll blow through these credits within a month or two, easy. 😉

Right after my purchase, I bought one – thinking it was limited to a quantity of one, with a one-time deal, but alas…I was wrong! After buying that $25 AppSumo Gift Card for only $12.50, they offered me the same deal again! I ended up going through and purchasing 3 more, then went back and bought two more for good measure.

$150 worth of AppSumo credits for only $75! 😀

I’d have bought more, but I had to draw the line somewhere. 😉

I’ve only just discovered AppSumo less than six months ago, but I have only seen a deal like this one time since, and that was Black Friday. Those of you who are AppSumo junkies like myself – I’m sure you’re aware of just how sweet this offer is.

Those of you who are not down with AppSumo…well, if you’re trying to make a buck or two on the web then you definitely should be. I’ve obtained several e-books and developer tools from their site which have paid for themselves many times over.

Anyway, as I said…I’m not sure how long they’re going to be slinging these $25 Gift Cards for half off, so I’d get your butt over there!

Click here to see the AppSumo Daily Deal and to have a shot at some half-price AppSumo Gift Cards!

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