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1Password on Sale Now!!!

The absolute best password manager app – 1Password – is on sale for a limited time. Agile Bits, the developer of 1Password, is so geeked up about Apple’s WWDC 2013 they’ve decided to go nuts and run a 50% off sale! In addition to 1Password for Windows, OSX and iOS, Agile Bits is also offering Knox at 50% off. I haven’t used Knox myself, but it looks like a pretty nice app for those who need to transfer secure data from one computer to another. Due to the sale, I’m considering looking into buying that app, but enough about Knox…

1Password for 50% off is an amazing deal!!! A single user license for one OS usually runs $50, which, even then, is not a bad deal, however, at $25 it’s a no-brainer. The amount of time and hassle this app can save you makes the $25 spent on it a tremendous value.

I manage dozens upon dozens of websites, with unique logins for each. 1Password is something I use constantly. It allows me secure one-click access to each and every site that I manage, along with my various affiliate dashboards, banking sites, and any other sites I need to access that require a user name and password. It’s a very “set it and forget it” sort of program. I love it and find it absolutely invaluable.

Get 1Password for $20

As if $25 wasn’t cheap enough for this app, you can enter the code MACPOWERUSERS at checkout and save an additional 20%! This knocks the price down to only $20 if you’re opting in for a single user license for either Windows or Mac. If you go with a multi user license or a bundle deal then you’ll save even more!

I just purchased a license for a friend and did not know about the additional 20% discount, but no biggie…I’m not complaining; however, I wanted to be sure to broadcast this deal so that some lucky site visitors will be able to capitalize on it. 🙂

Like, seriously…go buy this app right now if you do not already have it. In fact, I heeded my own advice and went and bought the iOS version just now so that I can load this on my iPhone and iPad. 😀

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