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Give before you get

After nearly 3 weeks as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve really not done much to bolster my IM skills or learn any new tricks. I’ve gone through the first 2 courses, which are very good by the way, but they really didn’t offer me much that I didn’t already know.

I’ve seen a lot of interesting videos and training modules listed, but I’ve yet to check out a single one. In fact, the amount of topics that come come up in search is a little overwhelming, and that doesn’t even count the material in the classroom courses.

There’s a ton of information in there that I’m dying to get at, but I’ve actually been too busy to start studying up on it.

Since deciding to pony up my hard earned dollars for the WA premium status, you’d think I’d be devouring that content…putting those tips to use on my sites and increasing my bottom line. I will be doing that, in time.

But…for the past 3 weeks, all I’ve wanted to do is help others. Yes, that’s correct. I’ve actually paid money to an online business site so that I can offer valuable advice and information to others…for free. I’ve spent hours each week reading comments and offering thoughtful replies. I’ve encouraged people to private message me with their questions, to which I’ve promptly and carefully answered.

I’ve even reached out to one member and offered to help him with this website. At no charge! In fact, not only have I been emailing with him back and forth for the past week, but I just spent an hour and fifteen minutes auditing his site and implementing some improvements. And I’m just getting started!!

That’s a pretty wack strategy for trying to boost my affiliate marketing income, am I right..?!

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I’m trying to be the shepherd

Wealthy Affiliate is full of noobs. I mean no offense by that statement, but it is what it is. And I’m not talking about folks that have had no prior experience with affiliate marketing… The vast majority of the outspoken WA community have never used WordPress before, let alone build a website. Heck…some of them have never used social media.

When I got in there and started reading the comments and pleas for help, I thrust myself into what felt like a support triage. Each and every day, and some days I may spend a few hours at it, I am sharing my knowledge and experience with those that are hungry for it, and anyone else that cares to listen.

Now don’t get me wrong…all of the training and instruction necessary for properly getting started in affiliate marketing is available in Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve gone through the introductory training. It’s very complete and it’s very good, but for f**k’s sake…I can’t imagine how overwhelming all of this is for the complete newbies who are trying to learn EVERYTHING, e.g., researching a niche, choosing a domain, registering a domain, adjusting the DNS, setting up WordPress, learning to use WordPress (and that’s a HUGE one), learning SEO, how to leverage social media, how to set up a mailing list, researching keywords, and the list goes on and on and on and on…

Those who arrive at Wealthy Affiliate and then join do so under the impression that they will be able to establish a profitable online business. And while this is entirely possible, I feel like the sales pitch is somewhat candy-coated. Many of these people who join have no idea what they’re in for.

Affiliate marketing is a s**t-ton of work, and if you don’t know your way around a WordPress installation or how to properly go about building out the content and structure of the site, you’re in for a real challenge.

This is where people like me come in

As I’d said…all of the information one would need to establish and maintain a successful affiliate marketing business is available within Wealthy Affiliate. It’s even delivered in the proper steps so that you can get started on your site while you’re going through the training, but…

Many of these people don’t realize that it’s going to take months and months of education, research and hard work before they even begin to see some action.

Unless they have a veteran at their disposal…a mentor, if you will, who can distill the information and offer shortcuts, they will more than likely become disillusioned and give up. And while I do like the idea of less competition in the affiliate space, I am, however, all for those who are really and truly interested in pursuing this as a business.

Being able to offer up tidbits of advice that I know will save them hours…possibly even days and weeks of aggravation…well, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And I’m not the only one, of course. There are loads of people in the WA community, just like me, who will jump in and help someone at the drop of a hat. It’s actually quite amazing and…quite refreshing.

I believe it will come back around

I’ve started my WA Challenge by giving of myself — not racing to try and increase my numbers as quickly as possible so that I can reach my income goal. I do this in part because I just can’t help myself. I’ve always enjoyed being able to help others.

But then there’s another part of me that does this for less selfless reasons. I’m well aware that the more I strive to do well unto others, the more that is going to help me in my 365 day challenge. Never underestimate the strength of those positive ripples and the difference you can make in other people’s lives. When you put that attitude out there, the universe returns it to you.

Although I’ve done little to directly affect my earnings since I’ve arrived at WA, I strongly believe that I will reap the reward later on down the line for all of the effort and time I’ve continued to invest in the WA community.

In fact, I’m sure of it. Do good things and good things will come to you. 🙂

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