Black Friday 2012 Web Hosting Deals

There are two amazing deals on web hosting that are being offered right now…

HostGator – 50% off Web Hosting

HostGator is notorious for offering great deals on Black Friday, and this year’s promo is nothing short of awesome. On Friday, November 23rd, HostGator will be discounting all of their hosting plans by 50%. The deal only applies to the first invoice, so the overall savings can vary quite a bit depending on which service you sign up for.

Since shared and reseller hosting can be purchased up to 3 years in advance – you can save a killing on those plans.

VPS and dedicated servers are billed monthly, so the deal will only apply to the first month’s service. But, in my opinion, HostGator wouldn’t be my first choice for these types of plans anyway, so no big deal.

However…they rock when it comes to shared hosting, and the Black Friday deal is certainly a kick ass offer. Their basic shared hosting plan – The Hatchling – which is ideal for most people’s needs, can be had for a mere $2.48/mo. if pre-paid for 3 years.

$89 for 3 years worth of web hosting…are you kidding me..?!

I’ll probably opt-in for one of these plans myself, because all of their Black Friday deals are available to existing customers. It’s pretty nice of HostGator to not make these offers exclusive to new clients. The only catch is that you must add these services – you cannot cancel an existing plan in order to move to a cheaper one.

I also like having a lot of different servers, rather than placing all of my website eggs in one server basket. If you’re like me & manage multiple sites, then it’s a good idea to spread them around so a server outage doesn’t completely bring you to your knees.

Reseller hosting plans are available as low as $12.48/mo. for 3 years pre-paid. That’s a sweet deal also. Not as sweet as the insane 80% off special they ran in 2010, but still a hefty savings.

I’ve been using HostGator for 2 years and I highly recommend them for low-cost, reliable shared hosting, plus their support is great.

HostGator is also offering a huge sale on domain name registrations. One year for $1.95 when purchased with a hosting plan. While I do see that as a nice savings, I prefer to use NameCheap for my domains.

Speaking of which…NameCheap is also offering some crazy Black Friday sales. Check out their website for details.

Next up…

BlueHost – Web Hosting for $3.95/mo.

I don’t have a BlueHost account personally, but some of my clients use them, so I have some experience with this company. I think they’re a great host when it comes to shared hosting, just as with HostGator. Everyone I know that’s used them has had nothing but good things to say about their hosting.

Is one better than the other..? Hard to say.

At these prices, I’m considering grabbing a BlueHost shared hosting account just to see for myself.

Price-wise they’re about identical for what you get. A standard shared hosting plan with BlueHost is pretty much identical to a Baby Plan from HostGator, and they’re both within pennies of each other.

The only real advantage I could see is that BlueHost hosting plans include a free domain, where as HostGator will charge you separately for that. To me that’s a non-factor, as I like to manage my domains separate from my hosting, but free is free. I can certainly see how that could sway someone’s decision to use BlueHost instead of HostGator.

Which offer do I recommend?

If you want a solid low-cost hosting plan – and you don’t need to host multiple domains on one account – then I’d definitely recommend the Hatchling Plan from HostGator for $2.48/mo. (for 3 years). That is a steal.

Alright, so there ya go…two of what I consider to be the best Black Friday deals for shared web hosting. You really can’t go wrong with either one.

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