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The Importance of Momentum

Whenever you’re trying to establish a successful business, momentum is key. This is especially true when you’re getting started in affiliate marketing. No one becomes an overnight success in IM, but if you’re willing to take action – do the research and do the work – you will eventually become a badass.

But you have to be passionate and you have to be committed.

And you have to want it.

There will be times when you’re sitting at your keyboard, clacking away, wondering when people are going to actually start reading this content you’ve worked so hard on.

You’ll be frustrated over the fact that you’ve written so many great articles, yet no one hardly ever comments – if at all…

You may even start to doubt whether the return on your time investment will ever start to materialize as profit.

Let me tell you this…

People will be reading your content.

Those who read your content don’t always comment, but they are paying attention and they are following you. Keep at it and you may eventually find yourself unable to keep up with the replies to all of your comments. Be careful of what you ask for, but a deluge of comments (provided they’re not spam…) is a good problem to have.

If you lean into this and press on through the silence – maintaining that burning desire for success – then it will find you.

Even when you’re not feeling it, do the work.

It’s easy to grow frustrated and disillusioned once you’ve spent countless hours, day after day, night after night…adding quality review after quality review, helpful blog after helpful blog, engaging post after engaging post . . . with nothing to show for it but tumbleweeds blowing across your website’s home page.

However . . . If you are serious, you’ll put aside these self-defeating thoughts and put your back into it at this point. Do even more research, strive to write even higher-quality articles, and establish momentum. Businesses that are successful are driven by people that are motivated, dedicated, committed, and a bunch of other words that end in ‘ted’.

Provided you: have done effective niche research, can communicate effectively, and didn’t put together a terrible website, I have no doubt you will succeed if you keep pushing forward. Enthusiasm is infectious. People are drawn to it like flies.

And no matter the niche, if it’s something you are intrigued by, interested in, or an authority on – there’s no doubt you’ll have an audience out there anxious to discover you . . . they just don’t know it yet, but they will . . . soon.

Because of these simple facts, it is essential to your success that you do not give up. Instead, build momentum and let it carry you forward.

As I’d mentioned in my earlier analogy between affiliate marketing and weight loss, results can become easier to achieve  – provided you do the work. And if you respond to those results with momentum, the benefits can become greater and more accelerated.

I am freakin’ tired right now. No, wait . . . I am f**king exhausted. I’ve had a stressful past few days, which began with some last-minute-late-night-scrambling to get my income tax done, immediately followed by an entire day spent in a hospital waiting room as my dad was undergoing cancer surgery.

But before going to bed . . . despite how dog-tired I am right now, I’ve decided to commit to writing this post that no one is going to read for at least a few days or weeks. Why, you ask..?

Because I know that this site is going to be successful very soon, and I am establishing the momentum to get me there.

Tomorrow I have a terribly busy day as well, and I’m likely going to be absolutely knackered by the time I even have an opportunity to post, but because of my momentum and the simple fact that I did the work today, it will be much easier to keep it going tomorrow.

And the day after that…

And the day after that…

And the day after that…

And so on…

I hope you gleaned something from this post, even if it was more or less a delirious stream of consciousness. But the point is, I’m establishing routine…

and Momentum.

Good night. 🙂

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