Fresh is best

Everyone wants to improve their site’s search engine rankings – especially since it was reported that the first listing gets 33% of the search traffic. And I’ve said it to my clients numerous times:

Google heavily favors sites which actively add fresh content.

When I built the iArtisan site on WordPress, back in 2009, I optimized the crap out of it and routinely added new posts…for at least a little while. Within 3 or 4 months’ time, I managed to achieve the #1 ranking for keyword searches relating to SEO in my area. I ended up getting more work because of my increased search engine visibility, then after acquiring some new clients and becoming busier, I turned my back on my own marketing efforts.

With such quick and rapid growth – I quit being as disciplined updating the blog for iArtisan – but it is time for that to change.

The online marketing landscape is becoming more and more crowded, and it is not as easy to be heard above all the noise. The business that works the hardest – adding valuable new articles and information on a regular basis – will always outrank the one that doesn’t. For you to rank in today’s competitive marketplace, your site needs to be engaging, useful and highly relevant.

Over the next several months, I am going to demonstrate how blogging can impact your visibility and traffic. The iArtisan website is an ideal case study because things have been dormant – it’s almost like I’m starting from scratch. Furthermore, the online marketing and web development verticals are now more competitive than ever – making this challenge all the more interesting, not to mention, fun and rewarding!

I will be taking a disciplined approach to adding new pages and posts to this site on a regular basis. I’m going to monitor the results of my efforts, and share that data as I go along for an element of transparency.

I look forward to writing about fresh perspectives surrounding online marketing for my clients. I want to show how great focused content and a disciplined approach can move traffic and raise a website’s profile. In exchange, I will be sharing pertinent tactics I have used and tested on the iArtisan website.

Stay tuned…

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