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Note: This is the first-ever blog I published on this website – mainly included now just for posterity. I like to wax nostalgic once in awhile and look back on how far things have come in the past seven years, and also examine how some things have remained the same.

After a few years of having a minimal, and sometimes non-existent web presence, I’ve finally decided to hunker down and force myself to create the iArtisan Web Solutions website that I’ve so badly needed.

Perhaps this is a common problem amongst web developers, or maybe it’s just me (I doubt it), but the hardest site to build is always my own. Building sites for my clients is always so much easier for me it seems. When I have a clear idea of my client’s vision and I know what’s needed, it’s often very easy to deploy. Where as when it comes to my own site and the sky’s the limit, I get overwhelmed.

I often tend to get too hung up with presentation, image, design and perfection, that I am almost never satisfied, and ultimately back-burner it indefinitely while I move onto something else. It’s hard to find the time to create my epic vision of a site when I’m so busy with everyone else’s. 🙄 Yeah, that’s it… I like that excuse.

At any rate, I’ve elected to force myself to deploy this site within a week’s time so that I can at least have a web presence showcasing all of my services. I have relied upon the loyalty and devotion of friends and associates, as well as word of mouth referrals for quite some time. However, it’s time to hit the global stage and expose myself, well… my services rather, to a whole new audience.

Actually, my main goal is to increase my profile within San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. I’m sort of a grass roots guy, and while I certainly wouldn’t mind taking on some national or international clients, I feel there are some folks in SLO County and beyond that could use my services. Once I get this site built, they’ll know who to call.

Coming in June 2009… the new and improved website for iArtisan.

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