iStockPhoto Coupon Code – Save 20% for One Day Only

To celebrate the extra day we’re all enjoying this 2012, iStockPhoto’s community-driven project, Feast, will be sponsoring a one-day sale event on all iStockPhoto credit packs.

Use the code LEAP20 at checkout and you’ll save 20% off all iStockPhoto credit packs, on February 29th.

This is an amazing deal and it’s only good for one day, so stock up!

This is a great opportunity for those of you who are unable to use this iStockPhoto promo code any longer.

Anyway…I just wanted to help spread this news around so hopefully a lot of you can take advantage of this special promo. And remember… buy big, save big. iStockPhoto credits get increasingly cheaper as you buy more of them, so now’s a a good time to break off a larger chunk of credits. 20% savings can be substantial when you start looking at some of the larger credit packs.

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