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Build one site and make it great

Once you learn how easy it is to build and manage WordPress sites, you may be tempted to buy up a bunch of domain names and keep on building them, but wait..!

Don’t do that.

If you want your affiliate marketing business to be successful, early on you should focus on one site and one site only. Try to make it a masterpiece.

I admit…this is one of my affiliate marketing weaknesses, but I’m trying hard to focus and not spread myself too thin. Problem with me is, I love building new sites, and I have a lot of different ideas and varied interests. ūüėÄ

But that’s not a recipe for success, at least not while you’re starting out.

There are so many great niches out there for the taking, but¬†unless you happen to discover an untapped goldmine of a niche, don’t get distracted.

Instead of trying to build out 3-5 affiliate sites, pick one and concentrate on it until it’s spectacular. This is very important for a variety of reasons.

Multitasking produces mediocre results

When you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing, chances are you will be a one person show. If you try managing more than one project at a time, it will be nearly impossible to give all of them the effort they deserve. Spending all of your time end energy on one site¬†is a far better idea than splitting your time between multiple¬†ones.

In affiliate marketing, growing vertically is always better than growing horizontally.

Your goal is to absolutely crush your niche, so instead of building a few decent sites, build one dominant one.

Where there’s traffic there’s trust

Having one site that receives 30,000 visitors per week is far more valuable than having 10 sites that each get 3,000 visitors per week. The authority that a high traffic site has is tremendous, and where there’s traffic, there’s usually trust. A site that’s high in traffic and trust will have a far better conversion rate than similar sites with less traffic and engagement.

Sites that rank #1 get the lion’s share of search referrals

Your goal should always be #1, not page 1. The top ranking for a particular keyword receives exponentially more search traffic than the listings that follow. One change in ranking can lead to 2x, 3x or possibly even 5x more traffic, and that’s just within the top few results!¬†If you can make it onto page one of Google, then that’s great, but if you can make it to #1 in the SERP’s, then you’ll absolutely crush it.

The experience is valuable

Establishing a high profile authority site provides you with some very valuable business experience. Once you know how to do it, you can then apply the same formula to your subsequent projects. If you become really good at driving traffic and establishing high rankings, then you might even want to offer your services as a consultant.

There are loads of people that want to know how one goes about creating and maintaining a successful web presence that can attract thousands of visitors per day. If you have that kind of experience, people will pay dearly for that information.

Experiments can produce powerful results

If your site receives 100 visitors per day and you experiment with an ad placement, resulting in a¬†5% earnings increase – that’d be a pleasant surprise. You went from making $5.00 last week to $5.25 this week! Oh boy! Let’s break out the champagne and celebrate!

Now take a site that sees 10,000 visitors per day. That site maybe makes $800 per week and then you decide to try some different experiments. You find that a text ad for a highly relevant product outperforms your AdSense unit by a mile, and you’ve just instantly made yourself an extra $150 per week for the foreseeable future.

Because that site has a better conversion rate due to its trust, and because the conversions are far greater due to the sheer amount of traffic, the income potential is exponentially greater, and little changes can be far more dynamic.

Launch another site in a related niche and you’ve given yourself a head-start

I have 2 sites that get a decent amount of traffic, and I have one site which earns more revenue than the other two combined, but all three are in related niches. Once I pushed my first niche site to the max, it was a lot easier to earn traffic and revenue with my follow-up sites. If you develop a new site that’s relevant to one of your high-traffic niche sites, the link authority you can pass over will give you some early momentum.

Keep in mind: Receiving a highly targeted inbound link from a site that receives 25K visitors per day is far more valuable than if you sought to get 50 links from sites that each had 1K visitors per day.

There is a lot to learn

Between adding new content, updating existing content, experimenting with monetization, adding new content and adding new content, … ūüėČ …there is always something to be done, and there are always new things to learn. The web is constantly evolving, and WordPress along with it. Even with one site, you can stay plenty busy just trying to keep up with¬†it all.

Having one highly successful site will make it easier to build more

Like I said, once you know what works, then you can repeat it. if you haven’t done it, then you won’t know. Also…when you’ve established one high-traffic site which has a few dollars coming in, you may be able to afford some outsourcing for your subsequent niche sites. If you can do this, it will make expansion much easier, more efficient, and ultimately…more profitable.

In conclusion

Those are just a few reasons why it’s highly advisable to pick your great niche and stick with it all the way to the finish line. Concentrate on building a brand and a successful business – not a bunch of sites!

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