WTF..?! Another Website Promoting Wealthy Affiliate..?!

As if there weren’t enough of these sites out there already, right..?

You’d think that a semi-experienced online marketer would have enough sense to not target such a highly competitive niche. Part of me thinks this is a silly idea as well, but it’s also part of this challenge.

I’m pretty good at what I do and I am confident I can achieve solid rankings in the SERPs for just about any niche. Furthermore, even though there are likely hundreds of WA affiliate sites out there competing for rank, everyone’s experience is unique, as is their story. Even though it’s a crowded niche, I’m certain that people out there looking for the real scoop on WA are eventually going to find me . . . in numbers.

Another reason behind my choice to attack this niche is because I see it as a commitment to the program. So far I am pretty convinced that I made a good decision to become a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, and what better way to prove my devotion to this endeavor than to promote the product itself.

It’ll also give me warm fuzzies knowing that I’m recommending a service I truly believe in, and one that I know will help others achieve success as well.

And if for some reason I flop, it’ll be known that I either became lazy, too successful with my web services business, or that perhaps WA just ain’t all that. I do hope that the second scenario there does come to fruition, but even then, I do intend to make the time for this.

But, no matter what…this site is going to be highly useful for those of you who discover it. In addition to the in-depth look at Wealthy Affiliate, you’re also going to learn: how I do things, what other online services I recommend, which plugins I like to use on my sites, and also get a glimpse of WA through the eyes of an experienced developer, SEO and webhost. In other words, this won’t be a noob’s eye view of Wealthy Affiliate.

And it’s certainly not going to be one of those WA regurgitated sales pitch sites with the big orange buttons, red arrows and other spammy calls to action. I’m not going to try that hard to sell you the service. My goal is for you to make an informed decision based off of what you learn while you’re here.

In the coming weeks I’ll be launching other niche sites using the tools, training and hosting platform at Wealthy Affiliate, but I wanted to get this site up immediately so that I can cover the progress of those sites from inception to domination. Ha Ha…well maybe not domination, but profitability anyway. If I ever appear to sound cocky, it’s really just confidence and self-reinforcement. 😉

I have a track record of getting sites to rank, so I don’t feel I’m being delusional here in my attempt to compete in this niche, but I definitely feel like this will be my biggest challenge to date.

More to come…

1 thought on “WTF..?! Another Website Promoting Wealthy Affiliate..?!”

  1. Hi Craig,

    I like your approach about the WA, something different for a change.

    I am a former member of the WA, they have a great program and I learned a great deal.
    If your interested in looking at another stream of income please get in touch with me. Company is available in 60+ countries.
    Good Luck!

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