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Paying it Forward

One thing about Wealthy Affiliate that I’ve embraced wholeheartedly is the ability to share in the discussion and help others. I’ve always been a very customer service oriented person who is eager to please, and WA has made it very easy for me to tap into a community of people who I enjoy helping. In fact, I’m kind of addicted to it, much in the same way people get hooked on checking their Facebook feeds.

Throughout the day I’m always finding myself popping over to WA to check the activity feed, looking to see if someone has a question that needs answering or if there’s a topic I can contribute to.

I believe that in order to be truly be successful and get what you feel you deserve, first you have to give. If you set out with the mentality that you’re going to ‘take from others’ (as in . . . their money) in order to get ahead, then you’re likely going to fail. But, if you set out to do good and to make a difference, people will naturally be drawn to you, and they will develop trust, which is perhaps the single most important component to success in any industry.

In my professional career as a web services provider, I always look at a prospective client and think, how can I help them..?, and not, I wonder how much I can charge for this project..? It’s that mind set that has helped me to not only stay in business, but to also enjoy continued growth – most of which is by way of referrals. Helping others and providing value has been paramount to my success.

Since my upgrade to premium, I’ve made a point to jump in on conversations and answer questions daily. I know that at some point I am going to get stuck somewhere along the way, and I’m willing to bet some helpful members of the community are going to come to my aid within minutes.

One of my goals with Wealthy Affiliate is to become a top 200 member within this next year. I’m going to shoot for Ambassador, but since I have no idea how attainable that is, I’m going to be a little more conservative with this one and shoot for being ranked within the top 200. Presently I’m at 2152, up from 11,000 a few days ago, but I’m sure the rankings become exponentially harder to achieve the closer you get to the top.

Actually, since I’ve written this post, I’ve decided I’m going big this year. I’ve seen a few members in the top 50 with only a few months in the program. I’m going for it.

I definitely feel that you get what you give, and if I hit Ambassador within the next few months, I’m certain that’ll help guarantee my success with this challenge.

I want others to rise with me. If I were able to choose success within any niche, it’d be one where I help others achieve online success. Wealthy Affiliate is making this possible!

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