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Affiliate Summit West is Just a Few Short Days Away

About two months ago I announced that I’d been selected to receive a free VIP Pass to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. Here we are just days before the start of the convention and I simply cannot believe it. I’ve been wanting to attend this event for a few years – but due to various circumstances – never had an opportunity to go. I was ecstatic when I found out I’d been selected to receive a complimentary VIP Pass, and I couldn’t wait until January 13th.

Between the distractions and hustle & bustle of the holiday season, plus a busy past few months with my day job, I’d not had much chance to think about Affiliate Summit. This week it finally hit me…oh s**t, that’s coming up this weekend! Damn!

Needless to say…I am super excited about attending this event. 🙂

In my 4+ years of dabbling in affiliate marketing, I’ve only gone to one related event, which was an AdSense in Your City back in 2011. I didn’t really learn much from the presentations – as they basically just reaffirmed things I already knew; however, I found tremendous value in networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs, developers, etc. Anytime I’ve surrounded myself with others who are passionate about similar pursuits – the benefits have been huge – in terms of new ideas, inspiration, shared trade secrets, etc…

I’m hoping that Affiliate Summit will take that attitude to a whole new level.

Although I’ve been focusing more attention on my day job as of late, I’m wanting to shift some attention back to my affiliate marketing pursuits, along with establishing some new goals for this year. I feel like I’m stuck on a plateau right now, which is heading towards managed decline.

The timing of this event couldn’t be more perfect. I think it’ll be just the thing to rejuvenate my interest, fuel new ideas and help me rededicate my efforts.

A real shot in the arm, in other words.

I can’t wait! I’m super pumped! \o/

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